Brummie Gems Molly Dancers


Apple day, Blakesley Hall

We are  Brummie  Gems Molly Dancers too.

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We dance as Brummie Gems in the winter months. We dress in bright, clashing colours (all from charity shops) decorated in the gems of Birmingham’s jewellery days and scotland 004Molly dancing originates in East Anglia , in the Fen country. It takes the form of stylised Country dances which were often danced on Plough Monday, the first Monday after Epiphany (or Twelth Night.)

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Farm workers would have performed these dances to earn money in the winter and, in disguise, made fun of the gentry. We often have a ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ in our dances, who take the lead-but are sometimes mocked by others.

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There are no Molly stick dances but as we like stomping around and bashing sticks, we will often add lively dances from the Welsh borders to our repertoire.